Downloadable map files
for EV charging stations in Norway and Sweden

List of operators supported

List of charging connectors supported

About this service

The map files are provided in GPX XML-format and KML XML-format and are updated on a monthly basis using information provided by NOBIL.

The KML format can be used to create custom maps using My Google Maps and also allows importing the EV charging station list into various offline map applications like OpenMaps which is available for several different platforms.

The GPX format can be used to import the EV charging station list into your in-car GPS navigation system. Some car manufacturers like VolksWagen require the map files are digitally signed. That means the in-car GPS navigation system will reject the map file unless it has been processed by the manufacturer.

The map files contain the following information: Name of operator, number of CCS plugs, number of CHAdeMO plugs, lowest capacity in kW, higest capacity in kW and the GPS location of the charger. Other plugs and operators are listed as Unknown. Only charging stations which are open 24/7 and are publically available are listed.

Quick howto for E-GOLF

Download the GPX and icon files below to your computer and then upload them at this page. Use a USB flash stick or a SD card medium formatted as FAT16 or FAT32 to transfer the GPS points to the in-car navigation system. The POI ZIP file generated by VolksWagen should be extracted to the root of the medium you are using. Connect the medium to the in-car navigation system. Lookup the version information under configuration and press the Update button in the bottom of the screen. The new GPS points should now be transferred. After this procedure is done, press the power button for 10 seconds to force the infotainment system to restart and load the new GPS points. If the update procedure does not find the update, try deleting all files on the medium you are using and only extract the PersonalPOI/MIB2HIGH folder inside the VolksWagen generated POI ZIP file to the root of your medium. Repeat the update procedure. E-mail your local VolksWagen dealer as a last resort, if needed. It should also be noted that this service has recently been added as part of the so-called car-net application.

Downloads - January 2018


The downloadable maps are provided AS-IS without any form of warranty. This service is not intended for use with automated tools. Please contact Hans Petter Selasky if you have any questions, feedback or contributions.